Dairy Products

Dairy products

Dairy products are extremely diverse as a result of the robust composition of milk and the types of microorganisms that can grow in milk. The first dairy ‘products’ were a result of the accidental introduction of microorganisms in milk. The introduction of harmful microorganisms can result in severe food poisoning, whereas beneficial ones can result in a product that is safe, nutritious, and tasty. Over time the types of microorganisms that can give rise to specific products have been identified, characterized, and standardized inocula created. The majority of the organisms used for fermenting dairy products are lactic acid bacteria because of their ability to convert lactose to lactic acid efficiently. Lactic acid helps to increase acidity, coagulate proteins, and prevent the growth of undesirable organisms. Some minor metabolic end products and degradation of proteins and lipids also contribute to the flavor of dairy products. The diversity of dairy products is a result of the different types of milk used, the microorganisms, and the type of processes used.

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