Food Colours

Food Colours
European origin India & Pakistan

GSC food colours used in food applications for producing glaring and radiant colours, GSC Colours change the entire spectrum of food colours ranging from powder and granules.

Taking the safety and general availability into consideration, we use food colours for commercial food production, confectionery, domestic cooking, non-food applications including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals etc. As colour of food can influence the perceived flavour, we aim to tickle your taste buds by abiding to all health related rules and regulations.
Our product shows superiority by exhibiting following disposition:-

  • Provide exact natural variations in colour.
  • Magnify colours that occur naturally
  • Adding colours to colourless food items and make it more appealing and appetizing.
  • Natural colors and Extracts , concentrates
  • Synthetic colors
    • Primary
    • Secondary /blended
    • Lake
    • D&C
    • FC&D
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